Environmental Policy

Fancy That Gifts – Environmental Policy

Most people have long believed that, whatever we do, the world will remain much the same, that our contribution or change will make little difference. We now know that this is untrue. The ways we produce energy and the rate at which we multiply, use natural resources and produce waste, threaten to make fundamental changes to the world’s environment. We have a moral duty to look after our planet and hand it on in good order to future generations. We can only do this through growth & development which works in harmony with the environment, that is, through sustainable development.

Fancy That’s environmental policy demonstrates how as a business entity, we will seek to promote greater awareness of environmental issues amongst our suppliers, customers and staff. We will endeavour to reduce or eliminate any damaging environmental impacts arising from our ongoing business activities.

Darren Bagguley:- Managing Director


General Policy Statement on the Environment.

Fancy That recognises and accepts its responsibility to minimise, wherever possible, its carbon footprint and impact on the environment; to comply with all statutory environmental requirements.

Fancy That wishes to promote, amongst its suppliers, customers and staff, an understanding of environmental issues and an appreciation of the importance of the business and its environmental impact. Through properly developed and executed practices, Fancy That aims to sustain and improve its own environment and contribute to the protection of the local, national and global environments.

Fancy That has the following key environmental aims:

  • To improve environmental awareness amongst customers and staff; in the procurement of resources; in the maintenance and use of its buildings; and by provision of information, instruction and training.
  • To minimise carbon footprint by reducing the consumption of resources; the production of waste; and harmful emissions to air, land and water.

To achieve these objectives the following policies will be adopted to cover areas of key environmental importance.


Policy Statements on Specific Environmental Issues.



Fancy That Gifts wishes to conserve energy. It will endeavour to use the minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe and efficient

operation of its heating, lighting, and equipment. It will continuously review its energy sources, energy forms, and energy efficiency with a view to reducing carbon footprint and causing least environmental impact. It will carry out a continuous programme of energy conservation by monitoring consumption and eliminating excessive or unnecessary use. It will communicate to all staff the means by which energy may be conserved.

Fancy That Gifts Ltd Registered in England No. 8762003


Fancy That wishes to conserve water. It will endeavour to use the minimum quantities of water possible in accordance with its activities and it will ensure that the water its uses is both supplied and disposed of, in purest condition possible, meeting statutory requirements. It will carry out a continuous programme of water conservation by monitoring consumption, reducing wastage/leakage and eliminating excessive or unnecessary use. It will communicate to all staff the means by which water may be conserved.



Fancy That wishes to mitigate the harmful effects of its traffic on the environment. When travelling to and from our offices all staff will be encouraged to walk, use bicycles, public transport, or communal transport and will be discouraged from the single occupancy use of private vehicles.



Fancy That wishes to conserve resources. Through its purchasing policies it will seek goods and services, which do the least harm to the environment in their production, delivery and packaging use, re-use, recycling and disposal. It will seek, wherever possible, to purchase from local or regional suppliers which will maximise Fancy That’s input to the local community and minimise transport. It will communicate to all staff the means by which goods and services may be purchased, with due regard to the environment.


Waste Management

Fancy That wishes to conserve resources by minimising its generation of wastes. It will do this by, in order of priority, reducing the acquisition of new materials, re-using materials, recycling existing materials and, if the former are impractical, disposal by a means which will have least impact on the environment and conforms to statutory requirements. It will communicate to all staff the means by which waste may be minimised.



Fancy That wishes to operate its buildings in order to conserve resources and minimise its impact on the environment. It will ensure that the potential environmental impacts of its property will be assessed and minimised. It will communicate to all staff the means by which the building facilities may be used and operated correctly to conserve energy and minimise waste.



Environmental Awareness of Staff

Fancy That wishes to promote the awareness of environmental matters amongst its entire staff. To do this it will:

  • Support the implementation of this environmental policy
  • Delegate environmental responsibilities to the Operations Director
  • Provide staff with training in environmental matters

Darren Bagguley                                 Jacqueline Durnan
Managing Director                              Operations Director